A Bolloré Thin Papers exclusive

This label should be seen as a real advantage, something that enables our customers to communicate clearly on their choices in relation to environmentally responsible paper.

What one should know about life:

  • Visual representation of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) carried out on our thin print papers
  • Aim: Informing the end user in an objective manner, about the environmental performance of paper on which the publication is printed
  • Expressing the environmental approach of Bolloré Thin Papers in terms of lower basis weights and reduced impact
  • Initiative validated by a panel of independent experts, meeting ISO standards 14020 and 14021
  • Bolloré Thin Papers evaluates the impact of its papers according to four criteria: air, energy, water, soil
  • Logo symbolising the world, composed of the four selected criteria
  • The lower the impact, the clearer the criteria scale
  • Bolloré Thin Papers is committed to providing you, free of charge, with a unique personalised label
  • Available for any grade of paper covered by an LCA and certified by the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council)
  • Making available the critical reviews upon request, and subject to confidentiality the reference documents.