For you and the planet, Bolloré Thin Papers has created life, less impact for earth. A label that helps to communicate the choices you’ve made in relation to paper.

In 2008 a global and ecologically responsible approach, rather unique in the thin paper sector, was devised: Bolloré Thin Papers undertook the very first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on thin paper. The aim was to assess the environmental impact of paper by considering all of the lifecycle stages, from the extraction of raw materials through to final production. Several actions were then put in place, including the creation of the very first certified and recycled thin paper, the first called Primagreen in 2009 was followed relatively quickly in 2011 by Primacoat Green.

Today Bolloré Thin Papers remains one step ahead of the game and has created the environmental label “life”, which is a visual representation of the Life Cycle Assessment results. Life is a universally understood term and an acronym for “less impact for earth”, which perfectly outlines a desire to manage our carbon footprint and preserve the planet for future generations. By launching “life”, we have set a clear target, aimed at involving you in our approach by providing you with a simple communication tool allowing you to promote your environmental commitment in a simple and effective way to your customers and partners.

  • Initiative validated by an independent panel of experts,
  • On request and subject to a confidentiality agreement, we provide a critical review and reference documents.

It is important to note that this label is not the result of work on current environmental labelling in the framework of the Grenelle 2 Environmental Act, nor is it a comparison between our range and that of our competitors, no equivalent information regarding competitors exists to date to the best of our knowledge.