Involved and convinced users

Launched in October 2010, it has already been adopted by many editors in France and Europe. The new label 2012 version appears in the 2012 editions of the Vidal medical dictionary, in the 2013 Legallais catalogue and in two general litterature books in yje Mammuth collection of the Italian editor Newton Compton Editori :

“By inserting the label life on Vidal, we wanted to raise awareness among personnel within the medical world, such as doctors, pharmacists and other health practitioners about our environmental policies, thereby demonstrating our involvement in this area.”

Barbara Parini, Chief of Manufacturing, Vidal.






“For several years already, the Company Legallais has based its strategy on a global approach to responsible growth. In 2009 it joined the UN’s world pact for sustainable development. It undertook environmental analyses on all of its sites and had them certified as ISO 14001. It is very committed to optimizing the use of natural resources and managing the waste that it generates as best it can. This is why it quite naturally sought out solutions that made it possible for it to manage wood more responsibly, in particular by optimizing its use of paper, by using FSC 60g paper for its office uses, by rethinking the size of its catalogue, and, this year, by choosing thin paper from Bolloré Thin Papers that carries the life label, less impact for earth®. This thin paper made it possible for Legallais to reduce its carbon footprint in terms of printing and distributing its 2013 catalogue by managing the resource and the impact on the environment.”

Brigitte Delord, Quality and Sustainable Development Manager, Legallais.



“Newton Compton has always been attentive to environmental issues. For example, in 2012 we published a book called “101 ways to not throw anything”, a kind of flexible vademecum that talks about the philosophy of recycling and creating. Since the beginning, the environment has been at the heart of our concerns: already, at the time of the famous CentopagineMillelire, that sold more than 10 million copies, we were already using FSC paper. Today, when we publish our books, we choose paper that is made without chlorine and from wood that comes from sustainable and controlled forests. On a daily basis, in our company, we separate our waste (paper, plastic, toner). The decision to use Bolloré Thin Papers with the life label is a part of our principles.”.”

Roberto Galofaro, Chief editor, Newton Compton Editori.