Label life, version 2012: discreet, modern, efficient!

Two years after its launch, in order to take into account our clients’ concerns & suggestions, Bolloré Thin Papers has changed the label:

  • reduced size for optimal integration on leaflets, catalogues, books, etc… The original label measuring 10 * 8 cm has been replaced by a new one measuring 2*4 cm
  • customisation of the visual thanks to addition of the name of the paper and grammage chosen by the client,
  • simplification of the impact graduation system with a progression bar, for easier understanding,
  • modern and technological touch added to the label: the planet is now drawn inside a QR code which can be read with a smartphone thus enabling access to a dedicated website.

A QR code is a type of 2D barcode. In English the abbreviation QR stands for Quick Response. The aim is to start interacting as soon as the QR code is read.
It is designed to be read by a bar code reader, a mobile phone, a smartphone or a webcam, and can store more information than a bar code, especially data that is instantly recognised by applications, easily initiating actions such as browsing a website, or even bookmarking a website address.

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